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Monday, February 15, 2010

Are you tired of seeing abandoned vehicles in your neighborhood? Maybe just some junker on the side of the road? Want to do your part to clean up the streets? Well, I've got good news! Pierce County has a place where you can report those vehicles. Point your web browser on over to: for instructions on how to report them. You can report vehicles in the right of way (parked on the street) and there's even a place to call to report abandoned vehicles on private property.

In many instances your neighborhood HOA (Homeowner's Association) cannot do anything about cars parked on the street, only on the sidewalk. So your only option is to report it to the county. Use some discretion however, you can't really call in a car that moves every week, but if you've got one that's been there for say two years with moss growing under it, call away.

Check it out!


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