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Friday, March 14, 2008

Prescription Bottle
The Puyallup Real Estate landscape has exploded in recent years. It seems like there is a Wallgreens or Rite Aid on nearly every corner. But you know what? Sometimes it's the little guys that really win you over. One of those "little guys" is Kirk's Pharmacy at Sunrise. My wife turned me on to this little pharmacy that could about a year ago. I should have posted back then, but sometimes you forget the ones you love, so Kirk, I'm sorry. I'm trying to make it up to you now.

Located in the Sunrise Medical Campus (110th Avenue and Sunrise Blvd.) Kirk's Pharmacy at Sunrise reminds me of the days I used to go into Ludwig's pharmacy on South Tacoma Way with my grandmother. Ludwig (I think!?) used to greet my grandmother by name and toss me a roll of life savers every time we came in. I get the same feeling when I go into Kirk's.

I have a prescription that I need filled every month. I used to go to Wallgreens on the corner of 176th and Meridian. While Wallgreens was convenient because of their drive up window, Kirk's has them beat hands down in service. Sometimes Wallgreens would take days to fill my prescription even though they claimed it would be ready in an hour. There were always long lines to deal with both in the store and in the drive up. I'm almost scared to post how good Kirk's is for fear they'll become just as busy. I want to keep it all for myself. But they have a phone in service just like the other pharmacy. They usually say the prescription will be ready within 2 hours. There is almost NEVER a line when you go to pick up. And if you forget to call it in, they'll fill it there on the spot. Their hours aren't as long as the other place, but a little planning and you shouldn't have any hassles. They've taken my insurance just like the other place and I feel like they know my name. It's a wonderful experience to find a hometown store like this.

If you live out on South Hill, you owe it to yourself to get your prescriptions filled at Kirk's. You'll never go back to one of the big box stores.

Kirk's Pharmacy At Sunrise
11212 Sunrise Blvd E Ste 204
Puyallup, WA 98374
(253) 770-3408


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