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Friday, August 03, 2007

Asteroid Cafe
After dropping off some flyers for my listing at 3401 Wallingford Avenue Wednesday evening, the lovely and talented Teri and I were in search of some dinner. Having worked in Fremont previously, I knew this would be a good area to find some food. We definitely were not disappointed! I had heard of a "new" (New to me anyway) restaurant on the radio that morning in Fremont that sounded yummy. The Asteroid Cafe, the radio ad mentioned, was an Italian Restaurant that uses all organic and fresh ingredients in their food preparation.

Now Italian, Organic, and Fresh are three of my favorite things, so I had to try it! I drug Teri along with me. Parking was easy along Fremont Avenue (this is not always the case, so prepare for the garage below Dad Watsons) and we were seated promptly upon entering. If I could make one MINOR complaint (and it really IS minor) it would be that service after that was a touch slow for my tastes. Now I was REALLY hungry by that point, so I may have just been more sensitive to it than usual.

Teri and I both ordered a lemon drop type of drink. As it was nearly 80 degrees and we were sitting outside on the patio, it seemed the right thing to do. Our server brought us out a mini appetizer which we greedily chomped down. If it was an indication of things to come (it was) we were going to be quite happy. After taking our order, our server brought out some fresh bread with the requisite olive oil. Both were fantastic.

Teri ordered an heirloom tomato salad with mozarella and I had a spinach walnut salad. The spinach was among the freshest I'd ever had in a salad, and it wouldn't have surprised me at all if the waiter had told me he had picked the spinach himself! I ordered the Rigatoni in a tomato cream sauce with Itialian sausage, and Teri had a penne dish of some sort. Both arrived shortly after we were done with our salads and all I can say is WOW! Very hearty portions and the flavor was incredible! The rigatoni definitely seemed like it was made fresh that day and the sauce was to die for. The sausage had a wonderful flavor as well.

Teri was smart and saved half her dinner for lunch the next day, which made room for dessert. She had the tiramisu and by all accounts it was very good.

The dinner was maybe a bit on the pricey side, but we did have a few cocktails, salads and a dessert. But overall, dining at the Asteroid cafe was PHENOMENAL! I only wish we had discovered it sooner! I would have liked to have seen their prior location on 45th and Wallingford, but this is really a great addition to Fremont!

Asteroid Cafe
3601 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: (206) 547-9000


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