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This is the archive for January 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008

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John Hurlbut
John L Scott Real Estate
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm excited to tell you about a new service I'll be offering for sellers starting immediately!

Recently Washington state implemented a new law making it a secondary offense to text message while driving. i.e. if you're pulled over for speeding, in an accident, etc. and they can prove you were sending text messages during the offense, you can be given a citation for that as well. My point is that text messaging is prolific in our society today. Nearly everyone with a cell phone has sent or received a text message at one point or another. Certainly Generation X and Generation Y use text messaging as one of their many forms of communication, but even baby boomers are getting on the text messaging bandwagon.

In keeping with this trend and my goal of "100% Market Reach" (Making sure that 100% of buyers looking for a home like yours, see your listing) I've implemented a new service for all of my listings. Now when a buyer drives by one of my listings, there will be a new sign rider (see picture below). On the sign rider, it will say: Get more info on your phone! Text: HOME4U To: 48696 When the potential buyer sends that text message, they'll get a message back with my contact information and a URL for a website. If they have a web enabled phone, they can "click" on the site and be transported to a page about me, again with my contact information, a photo, etc. If they scroll down, they'll see my listings by category: Houses, Condominiums, Vacant Land, etc. Clicking on any of those links will transport them to those particular listings. If they click on any of the listings, they'll get additional photos, a description of the property, MLS# and they can even text message me directly from that page!

I think it's a VERY cool way to reach buyers and it's available NOW to anyone that lists their home with me. Just give me a call at 253-222-2626 to set an appointment. OR follow the instructions on the "sign" below to try it out for yourself and see if it isn't something you'd want for your home!

Go ahead, give it a try! You know you want to!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

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OR: Get more information on your PHONE!
Text: HOME4U To: 48696

John Hurlbut, Realtor, ABR, GRI
John L. Scott Real Estate
(253) 222-2626 Mobile
1-866-411-5646 Toll Free

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Puyallup Real Estate landscape has changed once again . . . Hunan Gardens on Puyallup's South Hill has been replaced by Mr. Greek. My wife Teri and I and a couple of friends visiting from Canada headed there last night for dinner to see what Mr. Greek was all about. When we arrived, the restaurant was fairly busy, but we were seated right away. The bar that was present with Hunan Gardens has been replaced by additional seating. When we learned Mr. Greek was a chain, I was a little disappointed and my expectations dropped a bit.

We ordered a few of the appetizers including the Medeterranian spinach dip, hummus, and tzatziki all accompanied with pita bread. The appetizers were VERY good! I especially liked the Medeterranian spinach dip! Of course I love feta cheese and the dip was sprinkled with crumbled feta cheese.

Our guests ordered Souvlaki, one lamb and the other beef. Teri ordered the stuffed chicken breast and I had my standby of a classic Gyro. The service was a tad slow and the waitress forgot a few items, but that's to be expected with a new restaurant I think. Hopefully they'll get the service issues worked out by the next time we visit.

The food arrived in fairly short order and was presented very nicely. We're used to Johnny's Greek in Lakewood that's generally presented in baskets. My Gyro was tasty, but a bit on the dry side. The meat wasn't nearly as juicy and flavorful as Johnny's. The sides of Potatos and Green beans were excellent however. Teri commented that her chicken was excellent as did our guests about their Soulvaki.

We'll definitely make another trip to Mr. Greek. I think the minor issues were temporary and they'll get everything sorted out in short order.

I'd give it 3.5 of 5 stars with hopes that will improve to 4 or better.

Mr. Greek
13333 Meridian E.Suite A
Puyallup, Washington, USA
Telephone: 253-864-6000

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today Ben Bernake, the federal reserve chairman, mentioned that they would be cutting rates yet again when they meet January 29th - 30th. This will have a slight effect (as it always does) on the mortgage rates. So have I mentioned lately that it's REALLY a SMART time to buy?

See this story on MSNBC for further details:

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It seems as though every time you turn around, all you hear on the news is subprime mortgage this, foreclosure rate that, etc. etc. Well I'm here to tell you it's not all bad news. In fact, most of it is good news. However, good news doesn't make you tune in, or open the paper bin to read more, so it usually ends up as a small tidbit at the end of a story. Am I here to tell you that the mortgage mess is over? Or that we're seeing record numbers of home sales? Absolutely not. But what we ARE seeing is a normal cyclical adjustment in the real estate market.

Consider some of these numbers:
  • 2007 will go down as the FIFTH best year for overall home sales in HISTORY with 5.66M units.
  • The average foreclosure rate in the US is 1 in every 617 homes, in Washington it's 1 in every 1,072 homes.
  • Interest rates are LOW! In 1982 if you had bought a home with the avgerage mortgage rate at the time (14.6%) and wanted a payment of $1,900 you could have bought a home for $151,657. At today's average rate (6.5%) that same $1,900 payment would get you $300,000 worth of home.
  • 30% of homes in the US are owned FREE and CLEAR and have no chance of being foreclosed on.
  • In the US there is $9.9 Trillion in mortgage debt. Of that, only $75 Billion is considered subprime, and of THAT, even the worst estimates say that 1/3 ($25B) is in danger of foreclosure. OR three one thousandths of one percent (.0003)
  • In Washington, only 8% of mortgages are considered subprime and not nearly all of them are scheduled for foreclosure
  • Even when a bank DOES foreclose, it's not like they have a 100% write off on the mortgage. They still sell the home for SOMETHING. It's not all of a sudden worth ZERO. Unlike the dot com era of the 90's, there is an actual commodity backing up a mortgage that still can be sold.
So all this points to a stable, NORMAL housing market. With the actions the fed has taken to reduce rates, the President's stop gap fix for subprime mortgages, and FHA and VA loan reform just around the corner, all signs point to a healthy little uptick in housing later this year.

There has NEVER been a SMARTER time to buy! So call me!

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